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Hawks Can Go Lyrics

Album Name : Mind Is Not Brain
Release Date : 2004-07-13
Song Duration : 4:45

Mock Orange Hawks Can Go

Sittin' at the gas station with a pocket full of
changeWith a pocket full of dirt and cryin'
With my feelings hurt
Well, I could use some company
Spendin' my last twenty-five pennies
And I could probably use a drink
Even though I don't drink
Well, it's time: Maybe a drink
Sittin' on the corner whistling a little thing
While I'm fishing
Now, a piece
From my life back to the teeth
Talking to you well I'm talking to you and

I been walkin' way too long
Tryin' to see what's going on
I don't think I know what's happening
I guess I should just move along
And find some company
Sit on a bench in the city
Somebody offered me a drink
Even though I can't think
Well, it's two and it's sunny, it's me and it's money
'Cause just pass me by and I'm serious
All we gotta do is find a way, goddamn
If we can go
We can come back again
If hawks can go
Then they can come back again

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