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Evil Bride Lyrics

Album Name : Your Evil Bride
Release Date : 2009-10-01
Song Duration : 3:49

Miss Ivy Evil Bride

Your evil bride is waiting for you outside
She dyed her seashell dress scarlet and has decided

To not walk down the aisle
With her usual fake smile
She must have thought about it for awhile
Before she became so hostile
It’s not my fault she can’t abide
His usual fake style
And she prefers the windward side
And wants to do things the way she decides

She wants to bide all her time travelling worldwide
And learn how to scry
Then see how those things coincide
If she is out of sight
It’s because she does hate lights
Since she has to bite
She only lives at night

She knows exactly what you saw
Because of the threefold law
In spite of her best endeavours
She could not change her behaviour
She is surely one of a kind
And everyone thinks she is fine
But if you’d see inside her mind
You’ll never guess there what you’d find

A squandered soul maybe
And a bad memory of a banshee:
A recent event that happened under a bead tree
No one ever noticed that she lives in misery
But that’s the price of life when you’re accused of

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