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Lay This Burden Down Lyrics

Album Name : Catalogue Of Carnage
Release Date : 2010-07-30
Song Duration : 4:43

Misery Speaks Lay This Burden Down

A spiritual heart to make my night

Figured with grace to make my day
Figured with pain:
Don't lay this burden down, honestly to the ground
Never to return, to take your "idols" burn

Hold the balance of fate in your hands
Possessed by the spear of destiny
Read my last rites:
I am sacrificed
Read my last rites:
„The drones have to die“

That’s what my destiny stands for as this burden remains
A second in hell is a lifetime as the balance maintaine
Whatever killed the son of…
Will give breath to be?
Not one of you, and don’t believe

Ordained? Ordained!

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