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Royalty In Jeopardy Lyrics

Album Name : Actors In a Play
Release Date : 2008-07-28
Song Duration : 11:53

Mindgames Royalty In Jeopardy

Once there was a time, when I was still a man with
high in rank, I controlled the lower class.
A man of honour, a member of the happy few.
I remember all the dinners with the ministers.
When I appeared upon the balcony, the mass began to
They all looked up to me.
I was king! The dream of everyone!
But there’s a battle now, I seem to loose…

Times change, values fade out.
Those were the days they called me your highness.
Now, I’m just a formality.

I’m still proud of the members of my family.
We were an example for society.
I’m afraid for what must become of them.
Maybe common people, who’s gonna know?
And I can understand it’s for democracy,
and the freedom of man, and the quest for equality.
When my kingdom has ceased to exist,
I can only carry a tragic defeat.

Times change, values fade out.
Those were the days they called me your highness.
Now, I’m just a formality, in this life…

You must remember what I realised.
I reassured people when they were in doubt.
The final decision was always on me. Remember!

We were quite wealthy but that’s not the point.
I dedicated myself to my land.
We’re the institution who knows what you need.

During the war I was an icon all commoners could rely
No-one would have liked to stand in my shoes in those
The responsibility I had to take was a heavy pressure
for my sanity!

Wherever people gather.
There’s always someone who takes the lead.
To prevent the crowd from going down in chaos.
It might be pure nature’s law.
And when the right collective mind
did choose the one to perform the task,
It’s up to him to reign in the knowledge
That only justice is great!

But he may come to identify
himself with the power he carries out,
absorbs it all within his own matter.
It makes his empire implode.
And then the same collective mind,
beheaded of “His Majesty”,
seems all back surrounded with chaos.
Until the next one appears…

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