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Glory Of Night Lyrics

Album Name : MMX
Release Date : 2010-01-01
Song Duration : 7:52

Mindgames Glory Of Night

I’ll carry on for the sunset light,
amazed by the colours of the scene.
Darkness runs over the fields,
when I am at home.

How deeply touched by this silent embrace.
I dream away for a while.
Surrender, to comfort my soul,
into this night

I gaze up, overwhelmed by the stars,
for the suns they all are far away,
light years from here.
I behold history.

I take a walk in the desolate town.
Try to clear my mind from the day.
Though everyone sleeps,
I start to live...

Heading back home right after clearing up the haze.
Every book upon the shelf lights up my sacred place.
Senses wide open, head up to the sky.

It feels like I’m surrounded by blank papers on the
While writing down my own ideas, they always ache for
A blessing for night time, a penny for my thoughts.

Lights... they reveal the life of the cityscape.
Close encounters of my kind,
Lifting up my state of mind.
The same game that they seem to play, to take night for
a second day.

So, you may think the modern age is to blame.
We cannot live without this organised wide world.
Sleeping’s of no use for the quality time we choose.

Now to find peace of mind for a contemplating soul.
The presence of the moon,
lights up my own cocoon.
Comforts me to picture me, in the wake of eternity!

3 a.m. I’m wide awake, my mind is still on fire.
It doesn’t seem to work now just to lay down and
Remember we’re living, 24 hours a day.

Finally I’m off to bed around the break of dawn.
Satisfied I close my eyes, so sleepily I yawn.
Project my own night sky, my dreams are on their way.

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