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Souls Of The Dead Lyrics

Album Name : The Awakening
Release Date : 2008-12-15
Song Duration : 2:59

Merciless Souls Of The Dead

You touch the crucifix
It's slowly falling apart
What's hiding in the shadows
Who's waiting in the dark

Look into his eyes
The eyes of sorrow
The time has come
There's no tomorrow

Souls of the dead

Running in circles
You're caught in his grasp
A demon inside
Send from the past

Hatred's growing inside
He won't let you die
He'll take your body and soul
Into the dark and cold

Souls of the dead

Strange voices inside your head
Screams from the souls of the dead
At the edge of insanity
You know you're cursed endlessly

Souls of the dead

The sight of this dreadful world
It is beyond your wildest dreams
You can't believe your f..ckin' eyes
No one can hear your screams

Souls of the dead

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