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The Awakening Lyrics

Album Name : The Awakening
Release Date : 2008-12-15
Song Duration : 3:28

Merciless The Awakening

No more pain, my birth's no longer denied
I'm your god, obey me or die

Light of the sun, at last I am free
Born with vengeance, I'm your destiny
In my dreams wall of despair
In my mind I knew it's nothing there

You'll pay for all my suffering and pain
Soon I will rule this earthly domain
Hate is the only word I know
And my heart's black and so cold

The awakening

Lonely I am, that's the way it's gonna be
When you're mine, you're mine for eternity
Now your soul belongs to me
So down on your f..cking knees

I'll take your soul into the dark
Seas of blood from your bleeding heart
Now this f..ckin' world is mine
As you know I will never die

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