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This Is Rock And Roll (remixed By Wendy & The Brain) Lyrics

Mc Lars This Is Rock And Roll (remixed By Wendy & The Brain)

1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Check out what I have in store
Bring the keyboard tech folklore
And the beat you can't ignore
This is rock and this is roll
This is blues, jazz funk and soul
This sampletastic fresh
This is the jam I like the best
My Casio is hefty so
You can dig my West Coast flow
It's all about the 1's and 2's
It's all about the rap and blues
Blues made rock and rock made rap
Rap made cash and that's a fact
You can't stop MIDI hip-hop beats
Check the tempo it sounds sweet
Elvis was a hero to most
Now he's haunting Memphis like a lost ghost
Time to rock, have a seance
I call Presley and start to dance
Jim Morrison died at 27
Now he makes student films up in heaven
Hendrix earned success and fame
Now he lights his harp aflame
Once upon a time slaves were bought
They worked hard the sun was hot
They wrote songs of misery
Blues music didn't come for free
Popular music came from that
Putting rock onto the map
Now Japanese men sell rock and roll
Through binary digital soul
Download it and plug it in
Cubase XT we begin
Yamahas, and Casios
Dig my basic MIDI flow
So play with me and teach your kids
Line them up that's what we did
Now everyone can drum along
Kick drum, snare, till the break of dawn

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