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We Fresh Lyrics

Album Name : Single and Famous
Release Date : 2009-08-18
Song Duration : 1:52

Mc Lars We Fresh
Flay got it tight goddamn
Soon enough you people all will see how hot I am
Smooshing egos, mammogram on your faces kablam
I've been killing it since I was bumping Jock Jams
Ringing off the hook, everyone like hello
In demand, the 2010 tickle me Elmo
Purchase me at Toys R Us, the flow is deadly poisonous
You see those cuties there?
Well let's just say they're not avoiding us

Deeper than Bukowski in a submarine about the
Dopest metaphors and similes you ever heard on wax
Ask anyone you know because I kick the illest flow
And if you want to know more about Wesley Willis then just ask
Y'all can't see me, sold more CDs than the Bee Gees
Now the bloggers want to Tweet me and the kids all want to be me
Yeah I said it, I'm fresher than your brother
Unless your brother's lettuce then I'm doper than your mother

At Marshall's popping tags
Dominate Agrocrag
Straight out a Ziploc bag cause
We fresh

Tinker with these words like Lincoln log building
Make a dollar and a peso and a crown and a shilling
My currency is currently made up of rhymes ands
Keep my linguistics flipping yeah they're starring in the circus
You're feeling worthless, yo I'm sorry
I'm not doing it on purpose
But I'm PS3 and y'all are just Atari
Double agent Mata Hari I evade and circumnavigate the globe
Speaking everything from French to Farsi

You got a demo, I'm a smack it out your hand
Unless that jam is hotter than the fire in Japan
Out the mouth of Godzilla, I come from Caliscrillya
So make that CD stronger than a gigantic gorilla
Listen, I'm a speak honestly
Keep the job at Safeway slanging oranges and cottage cheese
I'm a hippopotamus, never rhyme innocuous
So mothertrucking pimp they call me Steve Polychronopolous

At Marshall's popping tags
Dominate Agrocrag
Straight out a Ziploc bag cause
We fresh

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