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Judas Priest Lyrics

Album Name : Lars Attacks!
Release Date : 2011-09-06
Song Duration : 5:19

Mc Lars Judas Priest
It questions the way Jesus died
And what's been considered Gospel for nearly 2, 000 years
Was Judas Iscariot one of the 12 disciples
With Jesus in his final days, really a traitor?
Or, was he the favorite disciple
Given a secret, as part of a divine plan?
(The Gospel of Judas is, is a real surprise)
(It pictures Judas, not as the worst villain in the history of the world)
(As he's, always been thought of in Christian tradition)
(But as the one disciple, whom Jesus entrusts with secret understanding)
That secret understanding say scholars
Is contained in these writings from 300 A.D.
And referred to by researchers
As the Gospel of Judas
[MC Lars:]
So I ran... with nowhere to go
Through the streets of Galilee these faces I don't know
These people all look angry - do they know I killed their God?
For 30 coins of silver I devised the sickest plot
Pontius Pilate washed his hands goodbye of this so Caiaphas
And I devised a plan, sold Chris out with a biased kiss
I'm just trying to get away, he's dying it's my fault
Was he a lunatic? Was he the son of God?
As they took him away on that day, heard Paul and Peter say
"It's you who did betray, " I guess it was my fate
Christ was whipped and beaten mocked by people on the hill
Now everyone is quiet cause they know our savior has been killed
I went to Calvary, he was hangin from the cross
Crown of thorns upon his head, hope was tossed away and lost
But he looked at me and the final thing he said
Was "I forgive you Judas, " closed his eyes and he was dead
Golgotha! They put my homey on a cross
Golgotha! Right now I feel all could be lost
Golgotha! Was only doing what you said
Now these people are all talking, they say Jesus Chris is dead
[Chorus: x2]
GOLGOTHA! I know not why I do!
This thing you asked me to!
GOLGOTHA! Upon the cross you lie!
To show you can not die!
[MC Lars:]
Judas Priest, I wrote a book about it, never made the Bible
And they say my story's libel I've been feeling suicidal
But the devil's hands are idle and they have nothing to do
With this hell on Earth I'm living in, the stuff that I've been through
Looking for a place of comfort somewhere deep inside
Ever since my friend died, all I want to do is hide
All I want to do is die, tell me why am I so vilified?
Why am I so ostracized? There were 11 other guys
Synoptic Gospels, only three of them explain
Matthew, Mark and Luke's account of what happened that day
But I knew Jesus Christ, I knew him very well
He sent me on a mission some might say would lead to Hell
I went to Calvary - Christ was dying on the hill
I went to Calvary - everybody stood real still
I went to Calvary - to see if it was true
The plan he made went through, what he asked me to do
I went to Calvary, he was hanging from the cross
Crown of thorns upon his head, hope was not lost
He looked at me and the final thing he said
Was "I forgive you Judas, " closed his eyes and he was dead
Golgotha! So there's nothing more to say
Golgotha! When it all seems done I'll say
Golgotha! Christ you were a lunatic
Golgotha! Were you just a lunatic?
[Chorus - dub version 1/2]
Christ you were a lunatic
Just a lunatic

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