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Infatuation Lyrics

Album Name : The Collection
Release Date : 2005-09-20
Song Duration : 4:45

Laurnea Infatuation

It's like a tootsie roll pop
Gotta lick it 'till you get to the center inside
I said one, two, three
It sure feels good to me
So baby, don't stop this fire
Even though I know you're
Probably getting tired
You better stay on that spot
Sensations are taking control of me
Giving me
Infatuation, yeah
Going through my mind
You've got me
Wanting ya
Feeling for ya
Every night
Spinning through my mind
You've got me
Wanting you
Needing you
Feeling for ya
In my head
You're giving me fantasies
I never felt before
It's like A, B, C
Do what you want with me
It's a candy coated dream
So good it makes me wanna scream
So don't you dare stop the flow
Cuz I don't want to have to
Quench the fire
Cuz it's on for you, yeah
Desire and pass on
Come and get some of this good love
I wanna feel you
Moving and grooving
With a tempo that I set
I keep winding
Winding and grinding
'Till you can't keep up with me, yeah
Come on, come on
Oh, baby
This don't make no sense
Everytime I close my eyes
I just need to feel your body next to me
Hey, baby, hey
Give it to me

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