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Days Of Youth Lyrics

Laurnea Days Of Youth

Hey, hey, yey
Those days (those days)
Those days (those days)
Walk around the neighborhood
Where my old friends ain't like they should
Should've done my best
Only books in their life will shine
So much trouble in their minds
Better days aren't behind
Looking back in yesterday
Things don't ever feel the same
My friends faces on my mind
Days of youth
Play on my mind
All on my mind
Days of youth
Hanging on my mind
All on my mind
Hey yeah
On my mind (my mind)
Hey, ah, hey now
Back when playin' was the game
Mama said don't let God catch your butt out
Don't let time slip away
Mama's word stays on my mind
I never noticed it was dark
I'm still playing at the park
Sneaking slowly to my room
But can't nothing pass Mama by
Now those tears roll down my face
She said wipe your eyes
Then she kissed me and held me tight
Hey, ah
Ah yeah
Do you remember
Those days
My Lord (Lord)
My God
My Lord those days
Oh Lord, hey
I remember those days
Days of youth
I'm remember those days
Da da di da da di

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