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Go Lyrics

Kyle Bent Go

Chorus: (tell me when to go tar)16x

3 verse: catch me in my zone,
You know I handle my own,
I'm looking for competition, somebody find me a clone,
You can catch me on the green but no-no I'm not a gnome,
Finally getting known, buzzing like them honey-combs,
Working real hard I'm just hoping that it's worth it,
When I'm on that instrumental I boogie-board and just surf it,
See I like to spit it deep, all your lines is at the surface,
All my rhymes make sense and they connect call it cursive,
I'm from Boston, home of the champions, I rep Randolph, town of the
I'm tryna elevate sky-walk like I'm Anakin, spitting out that gasoline go and
Throw a candle in,
Who's a younging when they calling you the man, huh?
What's segregation when you are a panda, uh,
And that was so irrelevant but I don't care though,
You listening to a legend but you just not aware though,
Throw it in the air though, (we take you higher)3x face to face with the
Going to the top, bringing the entire, empire,
And we gon' have more green than rain forest environments,
You speak lint so I brush it off,
I'm dick Chaney and you just daffy ducking dog,
No rubber when I'm spitting cause they love it raw,
Realest spitter in it, and I'm rapping to some puppet dolls

Chorus: (tell me when to go tar)16x

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