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F..cksticks Lyrics

Album Name : Keyboard Cowboy
Release Date : 2005-08-18
Song Duration : 5:09

Kunt & The Gang F..cksticks

Intro keyboard plays
Now my grandad had a word,he used when things when wrong,to introduce this word to you I put it in a song,
so everytime this word is used his memory lives on,
I'm about to tell you what it is so you can sing along,

F..cksticks when nan wouldn't let him touch her furry pie,
F..cksticks when he got some shrapnel lodged in his japs eye,
F..cksticks when a german sniper shot him in the cock,
F..cksticks when he found a lump on his left bollock,
F..cksticks when nan died and left him all alone,
F..cksticks when he let a bogus caller into his home,
F..cksticks when the first black people moved into our street,
F..cksticks when his arthritis means he couldn't beat his meat,
F..cksticks,mother's cunt,fucksticks,
Keyboard instrumental
F..cksticks,mother's cunt,fucksticks,

verse 1
And everytime I hear this word I start to reminise,
And suddenly taste worthers and get a faint whiff of piss,So when someone annoys me and things get on my wick,I think about that racist old cunt and really let it rip

chorus 2
F..cksticks when I miss an open goal on five a side,
F..cksticks when I lost a hard on when nana died,
F..cksticks when the teachers told I was no good,
F..cksticks when the old bill caught me wanking in the wood,
F..cksticks when I'm having it off and I think off my old dad,
F..cksticks when the little cunt put skidmarks down the pan,
F..cksticks when some motherfucker pushes in the queue,
F..cksticks when you get caught short and really need a poo,
F..cksticks when I came tumbling off my BMX,
F..cksticks when I split my frendulum whilst having sex,
F..cksticls when some smart bastard gives me my comuppance,
F..cksticks when it's been ages since I've seen a ladies tuppence,
F..cksticks when there's no clean pants and you have to wear your mum's,
when your bird won't let you f..ck her up the bum,
F..cksticks when you're feeling glum and don't know what to say just say F..cksticks
and it makes everything OK,
F..cksticks,mother's cunt,fucksticks

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