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Labyrinth Of Despair Lyrics

Koziak Labyrinth Of Despair

In time you yearn for
Sunlight was replaced by moonlight
Starred sky never seems to lost
It's silence and open wide
When cry of black clouds breaks
Invisible harmony that suffocates
Blasts betoken the downfall of life
And lands that soon shall tear appart
Penetration of deadly cries
Is last and only sense
Under the aegis of darkness
And last flesh gives up the ghost
Surrendering it's soul
To rot in the flames of abyss
Time that become forgotten
Beneath the rising full moon
Until that moon abandons eternity
And sinks in seas of dead reality
Searching for a place
Within the enclosed
Labyrinth of despair
To find the gateway and step
Upon eternal abyss to rule
Fallen soul roaming and rot

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