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And Eternal Agony Lyrics

Koziak And Eternal Agony

Shrouded by your enchanted veil
Full of lust, full of sympathy
Where the souls of dead are
Giving forth their first screams
And dawning upon naked crags
Silhouette that arouse my desire
And capturing my ravished sight
Oh, my majestic princess of the dark
Blind sight within the dead walls
Of obscured dream of passion
Attack of moonlight beared by wind
Dazzling luna eclipsing our horizons
In silent night she arise again
Bringing delights and eternal agony
Erotic impulse thy beast unleashed
Immortal touch dissapeared in blood
Thy darkened wishes behind the tear masked
Purity lost somewhere within the night
Cold eternity called her name
From deep ebony whisper
Soul gently embraced by wind
A divinity falls to infinite slumber

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