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Walking My Way Lyrics

Album Name : commas Come First
Release Date : 2005-10-03
Song Duration : 4:32

Koo Chung Walking My Way

Confessions of this overgrown boy
Swimming never stuck with me
Even dogs have their own paddle
But without a kick off a pool's wall, I'm not getting

Stranded on this island where the sun has set
I wait for it to rise again
And all I possess is my faith, so small
What good's a mustard seed trampled, without its land to
grow in

And I've missed the boat so many times
Delusional waters are inching up on me
And I need to sail that ship to see
You're walkin' my way

Sometimes it's not the world's voice, but my very own
That calls me a fool for believing in You
So I send an S.O.S., crying Savior oh Savior
Don't wanna be the sniveling traitor anymore

So they got to see You walk on waves
But I guess I have this hope You're coming back again

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