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Mercy's Door Lyrics

Album Name : Dialects: The Best of GrassRoots Music, Vol. 1
Release Date : 2005-01-01
Song Duration : 4:35

Koo Chung Mercy's Door

I often sing, and often preach
Of bleeding hands and bleeding feet
And after all that has been done for me
I pay Him back with some sorta "Sammy Jankis" disease

A winner's life, a winner's smile
I paint you pictures with my art of denial
Feed you lies, feed me benefit of the doubt
Till all I've left is this mask that's wearing out

So the doors slammed one by one
Never felt this pain/rage of feelin' so alone
Yeah, they all slammed one by one
All except for mercy's door
Forgiveness never felt so sweet before
And grace's wings have never helped me fly so high

A broken heart, broken trust
These things I've caused are the very things I've lost
So take a look, take my hand
Cause there's nothin' left here but this bitter voice

"Love me world, love me Lord
Love me family, love me friends"
But the only love that grows in my heart
Is that cursed love for me, for me

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