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Romeo Lyrics

Album Name : Rise and Fall
Release Date : 2007-10-09
Song Duration : 3:30

Kin Romeo

Although he knew that he shouldn’t have
Billy had the time of his life
She made him drinks from her surest hand
And soon he was drunk

He played the fields in the finest hour
Dancing in the heat of the sun
They stayed together hand in hand
Oh could be love

Slow down there Romeo
Let the wind pick up your sails
Wait and see for the summertime
If the sun will melt her veil
While the love you share is the bottom line
The rest is up for sale,
So don’t save the world, just say you love her
And, la li la li la li la

The fire she kept for him in her eyes
Billy knew that he could get burned
Get hypnotized by a strange delight
He burned… and he burned

He sung the tune of a thousand men
Being in the heat of his prime
He sold his pride for a dollar ten
Oh could be love!

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