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Great Divide Lyrics

Album Name : Rise and Fall
Release Date : 2007-10-09
Song Duration : 5:30

Kin Great Divide

In all the world and all its riches
You and I have made it through the night
We will survive

Torn apart by all this distance
Somehow we have found the strength to fight
We will survive

Now we’re gonna have to
Spend time to feed the lions
With the weight of the world
We will cross the GREAT DIVIDE

It takes some time to figure out
To walk this path without a doubt
I’ll find you there
I’ll find you there

In all the tricks and all the treason
You and I have found no reason to cry
We hold the light

We paid the price of darker seasons
You and I will plant the seeds tonight
We hold the light

Oh give me a reason to be loved

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