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Solitary Impact Lyrics

Album Name : Solitary Impact
Release Date : 2010-07-14
Song Duration : 7:05

Kimaera Solitary Impact

Dry eyes betray the curse
Satin skin wanders the night
Lost beauty walks in hazy delusion

Mornings so silent and lonely
Dull shadows haunt the walls
Somber moods creep within

Mindless, lifeless, absurd

In the dark corners of loneliness
The struggles do not prevail
The endless oblivion summons me
Whispers, Voices, Silence

Devoid of life, your body
Twisted & damned, your soul
Is it your love, she cherishes?
While laying in another's arms?

I am guilty of no betrayal beloved
You exquisite creature of Caine's downfall

But rivers of wine did part us
My heart was sacrificed on your throne

I was grasped by temptation
As your weakness torn my soul apart

I fought the battle but lost the war
With false weapons, my dear ...

Within her fading light, you're blind
The crimson craving, your demise
Once again, alone ...

A hollow vision I hold
Ripped from emotions, bereaved
By the mere void that crushes what glows
Wretched, corrupted, faded ...

Gray roses blossom in my heart
Sensation flees, ah numbness resides
Inner screams trouble my mind
Forgotten, shattered, hypnotized...

A viral anguish succumbs to my soul
Trapped in the asylum of my own fate
Journeys undone, all dreams gone
Dismayed, daunted ...

Against my warm wrist
Jagged edges press deep

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