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A Breath Of Despair Lyrics

Album Name : Solitary Impact
Release Date : 2010-07-14
Song Duration : 5:19

Kimaera A Breath Of Despair

As I lie breathing in the stale air of this lonely room...
with solitude for solace, I find merciful shade in this gloom
reflected are my thoughts, of a woeful and wistful race...
carving their message of pain in the lines on my face...
curtained with night fall, and cloaked in the obscure, cold mist
I, lamenting and longing... rendered forgotten, in abandoned tryst
where are you now lover? and in whose arms?
do you think of me still? or am I too far?

I cradeled your unhealing scars, tucked underneath my skin
as they tore me apart, seared me from the bloody within
and would have cherished them for life... and for always...
should you not have strayed so lover... and so far away.'
with a breath of despair hovering over me tight
unaware, was sacrificed for your resurrection's rite.

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