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God's Wrath Lyrics

Kimaera God's Wrath

Beware His Wrath Once You Have Sinned
His hand destroys As it creates

Blinded By lust Feeding on flesh
You're dowsed in sin Forsaken souls

Miserable beings Living in vain
Preying vicious joys of the world

As Sodom burns Gomorrah falls
You're doomed to dwell In fire in flames

I witness misery and woe
I conceive lust entwined with death
Fire drying out their flow of tears
Demise killing all signs of life

A red eye watching from the sky
These faceless creatures as they die
Their cries uttered rendering mute
The blazing parody of fate

Fire smothered the whole land
Putting out their lust and greed

Men caught in burning webs
Plague, blemish, sickness, darkness
The sky veiled in ebony
Oceans drowning in ashes

The prophecy as written is done
Life, agony, pain, beauty all gone
Justice, tyranny, Call it wut u will
Someday we'll all perish in this mill

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