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Open Up Heaven Lyrics

Album Name : Here Is My Song
Release Date : 2008-02-05
Song Duration : 8:02

Kim Walker Open Up Heaven

Verse 1:
When heaven opens, over me, I'm saturated in love,
Dancing deeper in creativity, nothing impossible for
Stirring passion, dreams awakened,
Heaven opened, is what I long to see!

It's the promise I was made for, born for,
To see heaven open up on earth.
It's everything I'd fight for, I'd die for,
To see heaven invade this earth!

Open up heaven!
We will party with the angels.
There is nothin' better,
We're ready for encounters with You.

Verse 2:
Reformation, Transformation, Revolution,
It's our destiny.
A generation, designed to worship,
We have Jesus and his presence is all we need.

I live for Your presence,
You are life to my heart.
I live for Your presence,
From Your love I will never part.

(CD: V1, Pre, C1, V1, Pre, C1 x2, V2, Pre, C1 x2,
Bridge x2, C1, C1, Bridge)

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