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Reptilian Lyrics

Album Name : Aporia - EP
Release Date : 2010-11-13
Song Duration : 3:16

Kamikabe Reptilian

Delusion: We are coerced into a single file line
following borders that dissect
the whole. Succumbing to the bricks of the constrainer
raining down from above
us. Eyelids sewn shut, stumbling away into a tangled
spider web of agonizing
bondage, while dripping fangs emanate from the walls.
Fear is all around me.
Lords pull at robotic tendons guiding every subtle
twitch of fingers, and
thought is coffined, smothered beneath the loathsome.
Conglomerations of
decaying offscourings amassing into a colossal mountain
range, larger than the
biomass of the entire earth. Squeezed and contorted
into the crafty wires.
Slimed in a dripping sewage runoff coating. There,
behind a snowy television
screen, bleeding in peeled human skin, snaked into the
eye sockets of the
evening viewer. With arms hanging limp over the side of
the love seat,
potassium chloride dribbles from the corners of our
mouths. A puddle forms on
the dirt floor where comprehension and empathy
dissolve. Coordinated like toys,
becoming blinded, stoic, acquisitive whores.
Manipulation of the collective
consciousness pontificates a prayer for our country,
entombed. Defining
abominable. Extract the ticks burrowing deep into the
brain stem. Together
we’ll eradicate the throne of our tormentors. …This is
the delusion that I
burned and I watch as its ashes decorate the ground.
The manifestation of my
discomfort and insecurities. I am relieved now that it
has died. A
misperception of reality. Nothing more than a charred
and stinking corpse,
nailed to the cross next to the remains of a white,
manufactured Christ.

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