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Aporia Lyrics

Album Name : Aporia - EP
Release Date : 2010-11-13
Song Duration : 3:00

Kamikabe Aporia

And finally the halls of marble dissolved around me. The
blackness stung my
eyes. And my insides burned with this forbidden access.
And I laugh at this
sand I hold in my hands. This, I used to think I held the
key. The door was
always open. And I remain to stare at my reflection, as I
am randomly switched
back and forth from either side. My insignificance
becoming insignificant. And
all my pointless shouts at the universe fall back upon my
skull like pelting
rain. I smash my fist into the mirror until my body is
soaked in blood. And I
laugh uncontrollably at this shattered reflection. I let
my hands bleed as they
finally touch the truth. All the pain and torment. The
sum of humanity’s
suffering. It was worth everything I have lost. To
finally understand these
beautiful roses blossoming forth from the hollow torso of
humanity’s blood
drenched history. I lost my tongue with the shards that
splintered into my
mind. I am not amused. Bloodlet my skull now. Acid rain
on my lungs. Ending all
life now. I stand on God. Drain this world from my eyes.
My insignificance has
become insignificant.

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