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Paper Plane Lyrics

Jonas Alaska Paper Plane

well what do you know
all this time I thought I was the odd went out
such a terrible blow
through the smoke I saw what you're really about
oh how sorry you are
so sad and broken like a????
well get out of the car
I can't live with???
You, I don't believe you anymore
I was just a paper plane heading for the roof
crashing down on your floor
oh, I wish I had kicked you out of the door??????
Well, sure this is mean
meaner than I ever really thought I could be
Such a boring scene
Don't wanna look in your eyes when your yelling at me
makes me sick you know
makes me feel like everybody else on the block
like a picture show
about dirt and mud
oh, would you please just leave me be
I was just a paper plane heading for the sky
getting stuck in a tree
oh, I can't believe you got to me??????
How could you do this to me
messing round with my heart and my head
like its yours
I really thought you knew me??????
Oh, you're ambitious you're???
I was just a paper plane heading for the sea
crashing down on your lake
oh, I feel bad, my fingers shake
oh, it's the????
oh, like you broke my heart today
I was just a paper plane ... but then you blew me away
oh, I feel bad but I'm not staying?????

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