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Out The Window Lyrics

Jonas Alaska Out The Window

Almost everything I see
Are gonna disappear like me
One night

When the old folks get too tired
Then the young people are hired
And that's all right

Half a year I've been so down
Like I've been crawling underground
Been pretty good at doing nothing at all

I can't play I can't rhyme
Unless I somehow find the time
To be looking out the window

When somebody has to go
Leaves me spitting in the snow
Swallowing words

When the snow's no longer white
Instead of freezing every night
I wanna follow the birds

Maybe once or twice a year
I can see everything so clear
One of them says well I've got nowhere to go
But the rest of them I'm cold
And I can't wait 'till I get old
Start looking out the window

The children and all the banks are gone
Dust and dirt on everything
And the darning

I don't know why I'm shaking
I just felt down
And I'm staying here

Maybe my heart is breaking
Breaking with fear

I like doing what I do
But I ain't doing it for you
I do it for me

That was how I started out
I thought I knew what I was about
And who I was going to be

It's been four long crooked years
Though it sounds like
Nothing to an old man
Who says I don't know if I can finish the show
Before I crash and go insane
I need to get up on that train
Start looking out the window

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