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A Horizon For Judas Lyrics

Album Name : The Ill Effects of Hope
Release Date : 2007-06-30
Song Duration : 5:08

Iwatchedherdie A Horizon For Judas

Suspend my body, to show my courage here
We fall into this hole
As we're turning stone-cold
Courage in my eyes
A noose around my throat
Sorrow burns from our eyes
And there's fear at my side

This is the end of us, the body is controlled
Not for the world, to capture our souls {2x}
This is lay-er-ed, reminesce, come with us
Get ready to forge destruction, on this earth we live in


World is thrust down
Where'd we go wrong now?
In this squall of
Blood and Water
Is the risk of death too much?
Sorrow at my side.

This is the end of us, the world goes down with us in flames
And we'll kill us all
Drown in the world with us

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