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Hard Times Lyrics

Album Name : Iv
Release Date : 2013-08-08
Song Duration : 4:24

Israel Vibration Hard Times

In these times, there's so much different things
that are happening.
People have to do a little hustling, just to make ends
Cost of living swing them off their feet.
And a situation Mm that should be trampled way beneath.
You don't want to be mixed up in no violence or strife.
Yet according to the penetration, it's hard to avoid the
If you want something to buy...
You ain't got no money. It's hard to get it.
If you need something to eat....
You got to go to find your way.
Unemployment is rising.
Where there's no employment, it's like you can't find no
And all your friends, they've got nothing to lend.
Violence in the city. The people protest for their
Though their cry seem hopeless, they're still looking for
What do you think about the present situation?
All I can say is it seem like hatred, anger and
No food on the table, which makes them unable.
No food on the table. The children are hungry.
Confusion in the city. The people protest for their

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