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Till The Day That He Met You Lyrics

Album Name : Early Memories
Release Date : 2010-11-30
Song Duration : 2:47

Isla Grant Till The Day That He Met You

I'm so sorry to disturb you,
But I had to call and see you,
And to ask you to please tell me if you can,
Am I wasting all my life away,
Am I just a fool to want to stay,
I still love him, but he's still in love with you.

You're the only one I know that can help me,
And you're the one that holds my world right in her
I have loved him for so many years,
And I thought he loved me too,
And he did - till the day that he met you.

Well I think it's time for me to go,
It's been kind of you to see me,
And to listen to the thoughts trapped in my mind,
He's been everything in life to me,
And if he leaves, what will I do,
And he might, because he's still in love with you.

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