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Mothers Chair Lyrics

Album Name : The Greatest Hits of Isla Grant
Release Date : 2009-01-01
Song Duration : 3:03

Isla Grant Mothers Chair

There's an old armchair and it means the world to me,
For I used to sit there, upon my mother's knee,
And she'd read to me the stories
That children love to hear,
Now there's no-one to sit in mother's chair.

I still recall the many times, the words she'd say to me,
Fight for all your dreams, turn them to reality,
And as I sat by her in wonder,
Her eyes held so much pride,
I knew against all others, I had mother on my side.

Mother's chair is old and dusty and the colour's fading
But to me it holds a memory of happy days long past,
Like the way she'd smile and hold my hand and brush away
the tears,
Now there's no-one to sit in mother's chair.

Now the old chair is standing where she left it on that
When God came to visit and carry her away.
And every time I see it, it looks so cold and bare,
Now there's no-one to sit in mother's chair.



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