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Shrimp Fist Lyrics

Album Name : Iron Monkey
Release Date : 2009-03-25
Song Duration : 9:18

Iron Monkey Shrimp Fist

God bless pig god
Dead imperial mile
Hung sliced, crushed by atomic beak
Internals f..cked by cerebral arrow
Bastard thoughts fit to f..ck worlds

I'd take you and fatten you
Warmth supplied from hells deep anus
Dirty mind, rotten sight
Four walls molten, earthen drum
F..ckin' retard serpent
Rind of lice
Tug the electrodes from my meat
Combat the injected bleach
No free shits, not anymore

Feed me
Slap me
Kill me (baby!)

Song Meanings for Shrimp Fist

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