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Big Loader Lyrics

Album Name : Iron Monkey
Release Date : 2009-03-25
Song Duration : 4:59

Iron Monkey Big Loader

Mine is abuse, silage head wound
Coughin' up a load
And your father
Crippled black phoenix
Never fed
I'd love to chew teates-o-scylla

Denial rots, spores open and fire looms
Heads burst and liquid palms flow
Alienating rare answers
Scat matrix disasters
Kneel worm, you rat f..cker
Gene pox nero
Faeces idolatry gun
Testosterone jack-on

Piss leaks from wounds
Balls burst from the f..cking cancers
Ape vermin running wild

Bloated with fear
Men in brown coats commit
Undetectable exterminations
As the laughter prevails of the
F..ckin' mess

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