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Harry Carson Lyrics

Hitman & Jet 2 Harry Carson

[Verse 1: Jet 2]
Look around, what you think
Picture clear enough to paint the sounds if you hear it
Got the whole city runnin' laps, work your calves out
And bring a glass out, and take a sip before you pass out
Bad beezy, named Ce-Ce, hair kinky
Could've been on T.V., she work it out and make her laugh out
Say the flow remind her of Fugee sippin' a Fiji
In 3-D, she got PT and gave me PT in a PT
And TeTe invited me over to watch ET
She a bad B and her favorite channel B-E-T
Cook with extra season, I always tell her be easy
But she as crazy as Chi-Chi, she pass because she pr-e-tty
Always feel the need to compete, well I tell her play power
Let her take the lead while I celebrate ours
Vanilla made, skin lemonade sour
Baby bubble bathe in this Gatorade shower

[Hook: Jet 2]
What made you do that for
Lookin' back at it while you movin' that slow
Movin' that for all that power
Baby bubble bathe in this Gatorade shower

[Verse 2: Hitman]
Back in this bitch like I never left
Still high, blunts back to back like cigarettes
Open thighs closed mind, yeah Hitman ignorant
Speak with yo' actions, cause I ain't into hearin' shit
All that liquor, I'm gone or at least my mind is
No love for you bitches trynna f..ck up my shit
Hot topic all I ever was you can't top this
It's nonsense to think I ain't have yo' bitch topless
Who's f..ckin' with me? No one, no lie
I'm at the function with yo' f..ck up while you gets no reply
My swagger on the floor still hittin' the sky
I'm burnin' up, cause I'm one hell of a guy
Been overdue for somethin', haters still mumblin'
High as f..ck the po-pos and niggas still cuffin'
Niggas still trustin' the facts
So fact of the matter, need to see some ass clap, like woah
[Bridge: Hitman & Jet 2]
Something as something
Trynna see that ass clap (repeat 4x)

[Verse 3: Hitman]
Fuckin' with a scorp is like drugs up yo' nose
You addicted, I ain't trippin' f..ck me 'til my eyes close
You a pisces lookin' for a nigga like me
Pass out when we faded nigga havin' high dreams
[Jet 2]
Make life seem as though we rollin' with high beams
Goin' sight seeing knowin' you holdin' the light green
When you my team Tati, such a nice thing
Make my mind fiend, turn my fling to my ring
Yeah, my ring, yo dream just saying
Buss it open for me, baby I'm tired of playing
Buss it open for me babe (Girl: you like that)
And if it's that good, I'm changing ways

[Bridge: Hitman & Jet 2]

[Hook: Jet 2]

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