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Gatorade Lyrics

Hitman & Jet 2 Gatorade

[Verse 1: Hitman]
Trees on deck, tryin' to cop from a nigga?
Match a couple blunts, hot box with a nigga
Session's a blessing, cause I be high as heaven
Rollin' with some niggas that'll pull a two eleven
Insane my nuts hang you hoes better catch 'em
Like a fat bitch, how the hell can you miss 'em
Kiss 'em, usually I'm trying shit first
I'm chilly with the lyrics, that's a cold piece of work
I'll smash out her ass, fast cash out the purse
In the stu, go mad ass like I'm cursed
Evil in the church, demon on the verse
Cause you a Chevy nigga while I'm dippin' out the hearse
Times reversed backwards in my nurse
Cause she don't heal a thang, just keep a nigga jerked
Keep a nigga worked long as she's out the shirt
With her screaming all night like the bitch givin' birth

[Verse 1: Jet 2]
(uhh, what?)
Yeah I know you niggas missed us
Jump off, jump ball, jump hard to get your tips up
Jump off, jump on, I'm tryin' to get my di di di di
Jump off, jump on like "it's me bitches"
Different type of rhythm when I'm chillin' with Wrekless
Yeah all my niggas got that flow and you can get sea sickness
Y'all flow below the waist, I should've peed in it
Music is my religion and I'm loving it that I made that decision
Rappin' for the fun of it, f..ck it then
Want us for the feature, it's a couple grand, MGM
Grammys and Emmys and Eminem with M&Ms
That was probably cliché, but she say it get her panties wet
Gotta vent... gotta vent mutha-fucka
To me that's the only thing that really ever made sense
Promise to myself before I end I'd say this
Girl let me have a kiss of your Gatorade lips

[Hook: Jet 2]
Stuntin' in a major way
From back in the day when we used to pay to play
This is just one thing, nigga Amerie
We never took a break, never had Gatorade (repeat 2x)

[Verse 2: Hitman]
Fight for the cause, I'll fight for the green
Real out here, boy life's but a dream
Blood on the scene, Wrekless O.D
For the last nigga tryin' to talk shit lowkey
On me, oz of the best shit
Probably O.G., weak flows get arrested
Bars on lock, nigga I can't stress this
Nigga I can't...
Empty magazine, niggas ain't talkin' Word Up
Cereal killa', kill a nigga on purpose
Smoke with the crew, girl tell me was it worth it
When yo' ass kicked out damn near feelin' worthless
Oh you ain't deserve it? Hoes always nervous
Suck a lil' dick, youze a flip closed curtain
For certain you hurtin', better off comin' clean
Live and direct dishin' out what you need
(what you need)

[Verse 2: Jet 2]
What you need, yeah we got that
Where you at? No where...
How can I breathe with no air?
Girl you make me wanna Jordin Sparks that
Ride it with no brakes until you need a break
Ride it with no brakes until you notice you ain't even had the carfax
Ride it with no brakes until you notice you ain't even notice
You ain't even move the damn car out of park yet
How the hell we supposed to start that
Flight in thirty minutes with yo Gatorade bubble bath
You can quench my thirst with yo Gatorade bubbled ass
Once I find I'm in, I'll be outer space hoverin'
You gon' need a halftime on it
Gettin' chips, ever notice that they double up when you've got the bigger bag?
Ain't got it yet, but I'mma need another hand in advance, damn

[Hook 2x]

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