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Leavin' Colorado Lyrics

Album Name : Our Brand
Release Date : 2000-06-10
Song Duration : 1:48

Hillbilly Hellcats Leavin' Colorado

I'm leavin' Colorado in the mornin'
I'm headed for the shores of Honalu'
I ain't got time to give you too much warnin'
My days of bein' cold are almost through

We'll have coconuts and mai-tais every day
I'm soon to learn the kama 'aina ways
We'll watch the humuhumunukuapuaa play
While I do the Hula by the bay

I went on up to central but I didn't have no luck
It snowed three feet and my jeep got stuck
I had to rob a bank to get the money up to ski
Then I had a meetin' with a big hard tree

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