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Walk Away Lyrics

Album Name : The Magic City
Release Date : 1997-09-09
Song Duration : 5:59

Helium Walk Away

And for these things I will pray
But I should touch you kept
all feel away
Rid me of this dirty mind today
It's just for these small things that I pray
That's why I'm gonna walk away,
I wanna walk away, baby
There will come a day…
When we can walk away

Walk away, into the outer space,
Into the atmosphere, 'til we cannot hear
'Til we lose our faith,
and cannot see

You are the child of the dark, I am a child of day
But call me anything, and I will obey
And all the freaks will kneel down and pray
Saying He will only save one of us today
Come on, we're gonna walk away,
walk away, baby
There will come a day…
When we will walk away

I saw you, child ch-child…

If we push
Boy, watch this from the trees

It's in the darkness
Yeah… everything you see

of the earth,
and I am of the sea
And that's the difference between
you and me

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