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Ooo Lyrics

Album Name : Pirate Prude
Release Date : 1994-03-08
Song Duration : 5:44

Helium Ooo

I'll be your TV.
I'll be your movie.
I want you to watch me.
Come on, it's easy.

If you make me then I'll make you
but if you take me then I'll take you

I'll be your candy
and you can suck me.
Or leave me in the wrapper sticky,
I said I'll be your candy.

If you fight me then I'll fight you,
but if you like me then I'll like you.

I wanna be your TV;
I wanna be in the movies.
And you can call me your floozie,
I'm your doozie.
But it's a nix.
I need a fix.
Break me like sticks
I think I'm going to be sick.

And it might melt just like snow
then you should stop and let me know
let me know
And if you think I'm bad if you think I'm low
remember I'm the hooker who told you so
told you so…

And I'm going to tell you like you've never been told

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