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Jezebel Lyrics

Hardy Caprio Jezebel

Verse 1:
Look i'm not the paranoid type
But on the other hand, trust me, i'm not easily taken
I'd rather be patient, you know
Girls nowadays play games like us
2013 i was waiting for the bus in Bromley
Opposite KFC, when i could be mistaken
But a chick near me hit me with the 'i know you face'
Hmm, so i looked the other way
Then i saw this ting come closer felt her tap my shoulder
She said "Hardy you might not remember me
I dont think you were sober, yeah i was at whats her names
Last week, i can't speak right now but i want you to phone
Oh, i want you to know im not a Jezebel"

(Hardy Talking)

Verse 2:
Ight so one weeks gone by, now we're talking
I'm not doing much on my side, you'd think it be likewise
But shes on a different thing
Shes tryna call man on a random at 2am
But when i call her in the day her phones off
You know what, friday mans gunna bring two magnums
Link and chill we can talk abit, Friday came
We talked abit, she told me alot about a don
Her ex and how everything was unfortunate
I'm just there tryna keep eye contact
Play this out like im interested, 2 minutes on i'm lipsing it
5 minutes in her bras on the floor
I'm in the bedroom doing things with it
But here this now, the thing with this
I can't be that nigga on the side or
The one to take place and make things right
And its mad, i dont wanna say this twice
I can't be that nigga on the side or the one to take place and make things right
And i hope that, you dont get mad when i say this
I dont wanna take this further, i dont wanna make mistakes
Lets pace this, thats when she switched her face shape
Changed her song to a different tune on the playlist
Took a deep breath walked to the door she said
Im not gunna take this im not no jezebel

(Hardy Talking)

Verse 3:
Another weeks gone by, its a little bit mad tho
Everything ended fast, i found myself at my bredrin's yard
Them ones its been a long long time
And I can't remember when i checked him last
Anyway we're playing FIFA 12, the match ends
He spins round on the chair and tells me that everythings hectic
I say why, he says my girl, i say how then he says well
By then this bb's ringing off hard and i hear him like
What you're not gunna accept it nah, i pick it up on speaker
The voice says "baby im pregnant rah"
I ain't even know that girl was a jezebel

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