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The Second Round Lyrics

Album Name : Conservation of Mass
Release Date : 2011-03-05
Song Duration : 4:31

Hamadryad The Second Round

Still I don't smile or laugh with style
Why should I force It?
Never had friends in the snake pit
(There's only clown shit)

Since I can't see why I should be
One of these turkeys
Mouth wide open to their swallowed fears
(Still ending in tears)

Yes I'm aware and do I care
What disturbs my ears
Is not so awful to people raised
(In empty spheres)

Another flavor of the week
Another mount without a peak
Another face never seeked
Fed on bones without meat (and)
It's only the second round
Still we have to slam a clown
(But first) Let's get unbound
Shall see a clown down on the ground...

Global miscontentment is everywhere
Robot-like waitresses with purple hair
Serving us junkyfied eggs in white plates
Rusty smiles displayed with glory and grace
Surveyed relation
With D.N.A. correction... corruption

I can't understand
Why I should buy made-up needs
The law of supply and demand
Is not what It used to be

A mutant fed on mouldy bread
Is still knocking at the windows of my head
But I always had the firm intention
Of letting him out!

Still I won't smile...
Or laught with style...
Still I can't see why I should be...

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