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Amora Demonis Lyrics

Album Name : Hamadryad (Live In France 2006)
Release Date : 2011-02-27
Song Duration : 7:37

Hamadryad Amora Demonis

Distant attraction, uninvited gravity
A witch looking for power
In a silent storm
Human magnets, black magic puppets
A luciferian daydream now
Walks by your side...

Demon friends precious help only lasting for a while
The hag beyond the schoolgirl is running out of charm
Letting go missed from her cards
Misplaced pride pushing too far
She won't lose without trying
Some noctural rites...

Miles away near another dimension
Forces playing with the Prince, the Princess
And the witch they feared a few lives ago
There's no gain, there's no loss
Says the first cosmic law
You can always spit in the air
But get ready for rain to fall...

Amora Demonis - Needs some spit for the spell
Amora Demonis - To lock the prince into hell
Claavicula Nox - He takes the cup to his lips
Claavicula Nox - Drinking from where she spits
Orgasma Tenebras - The gate is wide open...

Amora Demonis - Now he's locked into hell
Amora Demonis - No escape from this cell
Claavicula Nox - Simply nowhere to hide
Claavicula Nox - Dearly missing his bride
Amora Divinus - Broke the spell

For darkness is drinking it's power
From the sea of weakness in our souls
But once you're aware, now that you beware
This eternal loop is over
You can let the light shine
On your many lives to come...

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