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In Deathless Tradition Lyrics

Album Name : Blood for the Master
Release Date : 2012-02-10
Song Duration : 4:26

Goatwhore In Deathless Tradition

Unresolved essence in a tomb of fates
Obscured by beliefs of this divine rank

You beg and crawl for forgiveness
For an answer to salvation after death
Silent prayers to the riddle of purpose
The shepherd of deceit leads into darkness
Treachery has these masses enslaved
The perfect unison in a tarnished faith
Blindly enter this portal of passing
Raped desire in the promise of this undying

Forgiveness is the failure of your faith
This deed brings the death of the human race
Seek this message in a structure of allegiance
These hidden secrets suffocate the truth
Praise the promised words that seem timeless
Stepping off a precipice into disaster
Failed dispute of this longing regret
Another shallow attempt of life after death

Consuming this hope of dreams
A gathering of ill-fated souls
Escaping the hands of judgement
An urge to be saved

Chained in snakes awaiting this hunger of the underworld
Drawn down from stellar ideals to the bloodline of curse

Dark times have begun,
The existence of failing faiths
Becoming the end of awareness
Sealed in this tomb of lies
Embrace the collapse of rapture
Dull wishes fall from grace
Failure of this transformation
Evolve into the untruth of pain

These warning trumpets have sounded
Devour the dying life force of this faith
Unite in descent towards this mouth of hell
Dreadful entry into the prison of this death

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