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My Name Is Frightful Among The Believers Lyrics

Album Name : Blood for the Master
Release Date : 2012-02-10
Song Duration : 4:11

Goatwhore My Name Is Frightful Among The Believers

A crown of warfare
A diadem of pain
Count the days of collapse
Of these golden realms
Furnace of the bellows
A tempest to make the embers burn
Filling the sky with our screams
Merciless mother of storm

Create the enslavement of these tyrant ways
Enter the empty blackness of these final days
Washed away in the tides of this timely hate
Buried in the oceans beneath the sand of decay

Erect this empire from the crumbled remains
Foundation of conquest
Upon these soiled minds
Rise from the ravaged
Ageless prince of the starless realm
Channel this vision of deviance in the sacred expulsion of man

Charm of this darkness lures us into the void
Out of corruption life emerges to be destroyed
Lord of unknown awake from this timely sleep
Buried far below the oceans and in the endless deep

Purification in ritual murder
Spilling blood for this sacrifice

Spiraling the knife in wounds of lust
Swallowed in the jaws of collapse
The abyss awaits with open arms
Concealing this nature of revenge

Unsettling moment of perversion
Creating this path for the condemned
Intoxicating aroma of death
Embrace the essence to obliterate

A dead man's scream
Beyond the cold flame
Voiding the mind
Shocking revelations
Awake in the night
Dulled by the poison of life

Where the shadows gather and the night becomes blood
These secrets within the great abyss
The gnawing fear inside

This is the end
The failure for all of man
A silent voice that descends
Unearthly pale fury
Another tragedy of God
Awake the horsemen of doom

Out of the abyss we share this fear for the dark
Concealed inside
Beyond the light of stars an angry sky breeds the hate for mankind

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