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Death To The Architects Of Heaven Lyrics

Album Name : Blood for the Master
Release Date : 2012-02-10
Song Duration : 3:41

Goatwhore Death To The Architects Of Heaven

Liberate this hazed vision
Misery of this great untruth
Guidance of this hatred
Creators of the blinding lie
Absolved of this virtue
Reckoning of the innocent
Blessed fabrication
Teaching man to crawl

Onslaught of the damned
Torn from this existence
The death of liberation
On the knees of prayer
Distort this mental salvation
That feeds these laws
Genocide of golden skies
Manifest of dying gods

Annihilation is upon us
Threatening to destroy
Vile words of promise
Freedom paved in ruin

Captured emotion
For the use of this deception
Sworn to an acceptance of this destruction

Gods shall be renamed
Prophecies will be erased
Infected by the human hand
Written plague of restraint

Inversion of the laws
That we most despise
Rip out these hearts
Of this holy disguise
The beating heart of heaven
Torn from the skies

Thievery of this concept of grand design
Destroy the revelation of this insolence
Bastard emotion
Raped of this virgin sense
The innermost emotion
Replaced with fear

Kill this reborn lie
Masters of oppression
The death of a god
Antidote to freedom
Beginning of the end
The failure for all of man
Revealing the truth
Behind the laws that fall

Rejoice in the flesh
Of a bastard design
Sweet taste of insurgence
The beating heart of heaven
Falls burning from the skies

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