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Beyond The Spell Of Discontent Lyrics

Album Name : Blood for the Master
Release Date : 2012-02-10
Song Duration : 4:02

Goatwhore Beyond The Spell Of Discontent

Erratic behavior prolonged in a grip of eternal unrest
Defiant in the accounts of betrayal with hateful guidance

Winds from the abyss have whispers of ruin in their evolve
Enter this wake of reality inside the confines of the beast

The irritable demigods of these endless borders
A forming darkness is waiting to swallow all the stars

Scared ideas that will latch to the dead for answers unknown
Entrance to this stolen soul for the hidden most hated desires

The implosion of fading gods has cause this curse
Screams from a dying nebula will congest these truths
A deathlike quiet pours into the ears of the mindless
So selfish to think any of your gods will escape the emptiness of this...

Now the holy names are forgotten and the thunder moans my death
From far beneath the earth the fires are burning bright

Abandon idols of decay
Corroded prayer of concern
Stop the stances of belief
Accepting all things to end

An anguish deserved by many
An anguish absorbed by one
With blood we feed the master
Like a long trail into darkness
The ghosts of the past keep pushing my fall
To awake the mourning into onyx dawn

An afterlife of delirium
In the middle of the immense and the dead gods
Dismember this unbiblical attachment to this secure existence

These massive stone foundations of devotion to the dead
Gravestones for man's failure to cope with the fear of the life beyond

This apparent link of flesh and blood
An art of destroying
Forever breaking will
Another version of the epic flood
This time we are all damned
With no survivors

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