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Hourglass Lyrics

Gavlyn Hourglass

One, two, three like yo
Oh what what
Yeah, let's roll the blunt
Let's puff it up
What what
DJ. Lime Green
Yeap and this the motherfuckin' hourglass
Hey this is how I sing it

[Verse 1]
Yo, time's runnin' out in the hourglass
Can't stand store stay stuck in the past
Cause I only shit on the future
Procrastinatin', please believe we'll teach your dumb ass
Not to ditch responsibilities on life or class
Now I'm in my fifth year of high school
Having young boys mouthing at you
It's uncomfortable but it happens to the best of us
Paid off none of my tickets so I stay on [? 0:50] so what
Life's a hooker and the law's a pimp
Hip-hop's a beautiful woman and the MC's a dick
Yeah, I said it, whatever, f..ck what you think dude
Realize I'm just speakin' my mind cause I'm [? 1:02]
Once these gums intensify making shit extreme
To the third degree so my integrity stays free
Never fallen out stay balanced with the talent
That's not demanding straight up naturality
So it seems to me young MCs are not taken seriously
Unless [? 1:17] MC life was started at the peak of it
So they stay [? 1:20]
But f..ck whisperin' [? 1:23] don't believe this Gavlyn, fool
Imma keep spittin' till' my f..ckin' teeth bleed
And stop thinkin' of this image called a dream
Cause I feel my passion be energy
So the motto that I follow is discover the truth today
And find the greatness of tomorrow

A-time's runnin' out in the hourglass
So what, time's runnin' out in the hourglass
Yes yes, time's runnin' out in the hourglass
In the mothafuckin' hourglass
(In the hourglass)
(In the hourglass)
(In the hourglass)

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