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Do You Lyrics

Gavlyn Do You

Aw yeah, It's From the Art
And it's finally here and this is how it all started
So just, listen closely while I paint this [?]
Come on let's do this

I take a dose of this fly shit
Keeps me from stopping
To build a [?]
And I'm choosing the way I live, the way I spit, and how I see it
I'm not stupid, I'm tired of the inconvenience
The flow moves, with no rules
It's freedom
I grab my pen and pad and I never lose 'em, in case
Cos I'm banged by the bangers that he makes
And we do what it takes to make it swing to L.A., where my crew is
Never been sober I'm using
Simply bend backwards on my raps
Techniques, my mind stays loaded
Never [?], why sweat it
The method isn't perfected
So check it once, so I can roll the trees and the blunt
So check it twice, make sure it's all about the ice
Check number three cos there's only shot for a real emcee
G-A-V-L-Y-N, spell it out so you can comprehend
And spread the name to your friends
Come on, and spread the name to your friends

[Scratching: Dj Fade]

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