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Twilight Zone Lyrics

Album Name : The Twilight Zone, Season 3
Release Date : 1961-10-13
Song Duration : 25:22

Game Twilight Zone

Get my people out them chains nigga
I mean handcuffs, time to man up
Put my hands up, f..ck you sayin bruh?
Cuz I知 a black man in the Phantom
Or is it cuz my windows tinted, car cost 300 thou
And I blow endo in it,
You mad cuz your daughter f..cked with me on spring
Well, I知ma f..ck her til her springs break

Yeah Roll another one cause I知 random
And my four door looking really photogenic
Jam 粗m on the tire
Interesting won稚 expire
I知 in the class up and all my teacher got fired
Money getting long pussy rate keep rising
Versace outfit cost me 3,000
From the paint houses
Did it from the weak hours
Selling that chicken no lemon pepper,no sweat and sour
First you get the power then you get respect
I知 getting so much money I can buy you bitch
Take it how you wanna, if you wanna take it
I like clubs where all the women working naked
Feel in love with the wrenches what the f..ck I知
Bought that ho a ring it was for her pinky
Ah, that痴 pimpin that痴 slick
Got a bottle of cologne that cost more than your rent
F..ck you池e mad at me fo?
Got a black card and a black Phantom
With a white bitch in Idaho
I壇 do the same thing in Palm Dale
Got a big bitch in Atlanta, got a red bone in the Shot
Got 2 chains, they 2 tone, 200 racks no lie

Alle cumbaye, Alle cumbaye
I知 bout to rumble in the jungle in these new Kanye
Alle cumbaye, Alle cumbaye
My lawyer threw them gloves on and be another case

F..ck you池e mad at me fo?
Cuz my belt got 2 G痴 on it
Her belt got 2 C痴 on it,
My daughter stroll, it got D痴 on it
Woa, free Big Meech, free Boosy and C Murda
Like know what it means like Bob Moore,
Come in Compton you will see murders
In my egg I値l see murders, beef nigga no burgers
I知 insane and you loose end, nigga better turn on them
Got cups women in that glass jar, bitch go to dome meet
Got smoke to sell in this hotel, no half-price, no
You a bitch nigga no female
I smack niggas, free will
I知 on the block like D12, I got the white no detour
Like a little man, get Africa
I was born holding that cut
And that痴 real shit, no real sniff and none on the day
But they yelling

Alle cumbaye, Alle cumbaye
Thank God that these niggas seen another day
Alle cumbaye, Alle cumbaye
Got a chopper and the product, f..ck it let em spray

I took my case to trial, higher the green team
Rob the Kardashians, Johnny Cochrane, I seen things
I dream big, I think sharp
Inhale smoke or wind tree bark
Humble yourself, you池e not a G, keep it one with
Runnin niggas for help favors, I keep one on the shelf
I got riffles with lasers, swing it just like the
Hit you right above naval, now you swimming in pavement
Gold medals on my neck, I call it Michael Phelps
Pros settlin for less I call em bottom shelf
Niggas tough on them blogs and never did nothing at all
On the road to the riches, bitches not tagging along
Ass in the thong, hit that ass and I知 gone
Disrespect my nigga Boston, I知 flashin the chrome
I知 waving the gat, tittie spay in the mack
It痴 still those in the back, on the lap
I got a bitch to look like Layla Ali sittin in my lap
Got a problem skateboard, pick em up relax
We could skate boards, where to now?
Chop will my budget skateboard, homey nigga back

2 Chainz!
Skateboard on a nigga track
No lie,no lie, already got a plat
Mama got a house,daughter got accounts
Just to think a nigga like me started with an ounce
Bad bitches and deep boys would bring 粗m out
Hit them n..ers pussy,we tush 粗m
We clean 粗m out
This the voice of ghetto intelligence
If you got work go to work don稚 work at your residence
for presidents

Word to Mohamed that triple beam is hella sick
Riding through that jungle in that motherfuckin
That痴 a great Ghost, whippin ears on
And swimming through the hood like it got fends on it
You know I got that work on the forman grill
Where you motherfuckers is? Made another mill
Got a million sinning like Cassius Clay
Thrilla in Manilla nigga want it, woop his ass today

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