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Black Wall Street Lyrics

Album Name : Face of L.A.
Release Date : 2011-06-18
Song Duration : 3:47

Game Black Wall Street

Yo Iím nothing like, Iím nothing nice
Yo Iím nothing like something nice, f..ck the fight
Iím out buckin right, weaving left, movin fast
Duckin dogs under cars so cops donít see my stupid ass
Jibber this, jabber that, Iím clickin this, clackin
Hittin this, dappin that, getting this, stackin that
I make movies, killa shit, action pack
Realest shit, gat for gat, thriller shit, gangstas back
You play if you dare, that any gon flare
Rockin recline you like a Laz-E boy chair
Ligaments damaged dead, need to get repaired again
Good thing my bullets donít look freak shit in the
handle Mís
Money back guaranteed, if he gon die at the scenes
Hunnid cash guaranteed if he donít drop at the scene
Why? Iím natural born uh
From the gravel of born get
I canít escape these things rattlin on
Iím a don plus, I know how to calm sluts
A little got in the snap on, Castro born dutch
I meant cappuccino and I ainít talkin Starbucks
Nor hot coffee, drop off me, Iím hot surely

(Hook x2)
Black Wall Street gang me bangin
See the block they Gíd up Gís up
Dip said we ride or die
Harlem war, oh my oh my

Them niggas gon ride in my back pockets
Since Dre continental suicide, threw us black masks,
black topics
Said 10 in the cockpit, rearview mirror
Slammed in the tide in the nothing
Coke in the barrel, hundred spokes on the wheels nigga
Iím stuntin
White air, one zen, Iím still 100 mails and runnin
They gunnin for nothing, they missin so Iím still livin
Dope game too hot and TV canít come to my kitchen
Iím still pitchin, Dre donít know that Iím on the block
And if I was finished D low, they donít say nothing
Iím spraying, you bluffing,
Iím laughing, you suffering
The man that the peace ainít talkin on, take flight Ė
Teddy Ruffspin
We do heavy shuffling, leave you in black tuxes
Then Jordan camera, Harlem and Compton, we like blood
Them 24ís rubbin, so what? The whores love it
Eagle on the chest like the birth and then he go f..ck
Metal and me donít mix, settling beef and shit
Black Wall Street, the dip set, I plead the 5th

(Hook x2)
Black Wall Street gang me bangin
See the block they Gíd up Gís up
Dip said we ride or die
Harlem war, oh my oh my

You know some tried to kill me
Iím still here live it to one high ceiling
You gone, you got come with the goons
You could call me One-Eyed Willy
Thatís my system endormants
I had Jasonís keep calling
And I was late for some warrants
How much I lost in the wave to the callin
I was way gone and my killas is heartless
So quick to fill up a cartridge
And my gorillas would get you
Ainít give a f..ck if you send that dealer the squash
Man handle in portions, and we sell it with love
We flick up in clubs
All you see is bandanas, gang bangers and portraits
Cardiac and the meterís raw
Big gats when we leave on tour
You broke ass, we donít believe in lore
The first rappers donít know we go low
Okay, got government issues,
That got us in ghettos, we thuggin the pistols
Pourin out liquor, the thugs be wit you
Sending our love on a drug, hope it reach you
Thugs sleep, itís not but the eagle
Beat the block, a grudge like Iím evil
West side with the text flyin, Compton!
See the block showin love to my people, Cali
Chuck Taylors in kakis
Chuck Taylor, heís brakki
We are the ghettoís most wanted
Hustling like sellers on track feet
F..ck about jails or Patakis
You uppin our sails in a crack beat
Thatís for Omar Braggin
The revolution had started

(Hook x2)
Black Wall Street gang me bangin
See the block they Gíd up Gís up
Dip said we ride or die
Harlem war, oh my oh my

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